The Holy Grail

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1) Concept-Demo-Recordings

These recording sessions are still done.
Cast needed:  
Merlin (BT/B), Uther (BT), Artus (T), Mordred (B), Morgaine (S), Lancelot (T),
some knights (T, BT) - also the ensemble vocals (SATB) could need some assistance.

We do about 2 test-recording-sessions for interested singers per week.
In case the voice is qualified for our kind of music we do additional as-long-as-it-needs-
recording sessions.
These recordings are used to improve the presentation-videos and for the Internet-demo.
We appreciate your registration.

2) Professional Studio-Production
(German - english)

The next "hot phase 2" starts when the production of the professional theatre-playbacks
is nearly done. Then we will do (a second) professional recording of the whole masterpiece.
Therefor we need experienced musicians and top-motivated singers to make it as unique
as possible. These recordings will be used later on for additional video-demos and more ...
If you are interested you can register today ... we will contact you on time.

3) Live-Show-Production

In case (despite all wonderful critics) the interest and the "readiness to take a risk" of the
theatre world is not high enough this project will come alive anyway - in a live-concert-version
(first in german languag, followed by the english version later on).
Details on time ...

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